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Avra Valley Fire District operates under an adopted budget which is designed to advance our mission of providing optimum services to those who live, work, recreate and do business within Avra Valley. Our goal is to have a dynamic organization which provides the highest quality services to District residents and visitors in a cost effective manner.  The strategies used to construct the budget are focused on maintaining and enhancing frontline services that are plainly observable and directly beneficial to the community and to set a foundation for economic prosperity.  The budget is developed by analyzing financial conditions of the past, present and future.  The framework is established under guiding principles that place resources in the organization at sustainable levels to assure that the fundamental functions of the District's business are adequately delivered.  The budget is a legally balanced plan which provides frontline services to the community, eliminates non-priority items, pays obligations, provides for our employees,  provides for maintenance of District assets, seeks grant funding when possible, as well as funds the strategic reserve necessary to carry the District through future fiscal years.  As a Special District, Avra Valley Fire District is heavily reliant on property tax revenue to fund basic services.  The budget aligns resources to provide a strategic focus on front line service delivery.  As we move forward, we continue to focus on developing policy to ensure our fiscal solvency while ensuring that the provision of valued community services are enhanced.  The District has a five-year sustainable budget model. 

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