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The Avra Valley Fire District (AVFD) is located northwest of the Town of Marana. We are an "all-hazards" fire district that provides emergency response to fires, medical emergencies, rescues and hazardous materials emergencies. We serve a large rural area of over 265 square miles with a population of 12,500. The District provides ALS transport services through its Certificate of Necessity (CON) with the State of Arizona. This CON expands our services to over 325 square miles. The District is primarily funded through property taxes. It is supplemented by ambulance services, emergency service subscriptions and wildland firefighting through an agreement with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (AZDFFM). In addition to our residents and their property, the District also protects State and County critical infrastructure including:

·         20 miles of Interstate 10 with an average daily traffic of 107,000 vehicles per day 

·         Over 20 miles of Union Pacific railway that averages 50-60 trains per day 

·         2 El Paso high pressure natural gas lines and purge valves 

·         Marana Water District serving over 10,000 residents 

·         Tucson Electric Power solar power field 

·         The ASARCO Silverbell Mine 

·         A Verizon substation 

·         The Central Arizona Project (CAP) 

·         The Arizona Public Service Corporation’s (APS) electrical power generating plant 

·         The Silverbell Army National Guard Training site 

·         Pinal Airpark

·         Marana Correctional Facility (CON)

·         Marana Airport (CON)

·         Two elementary schools

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